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Romanian Point Lace - Completed Designs

I also  make and sell  the Romanian Point Lace designs.

To view the price of a finished piece of lace visit each page under Romanian Point Lace, click on the "Click to view details" and you'll find the price of that particular design and more details listed below. Not all the patterns have a price for a finished lace but you could always contact me and ask.


Finished pieces are not returnable. They are checked   before shipping for cleanliness and defects.

Please allow   2-8 weeks for completion of a design.   Delivery time for each piece is listed at each design.   If I finish them earlier I will ship them as soon as they are completed.   Sometimes I make some pieces in advance and I might have them in inventory.   Those are   available in the shown quantities.

Payment method:   Personal   cheque, Money Order, Visa through PayPal.  




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